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Post  MJDance on Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:39 pm

This club is for people who have been diagnosed with O.L.C.L.D, or Obsessive Lucas Cruikshank Love Disorder. Some symptoms include

-Watching Fred videos non-stop
-Having a Fred shirt
-Claiming that your cat has rabies
-Thinking about Fred constantly
-Claiming that you are married to Lucas
-Missing when you were 6
-Loving Fred
-Being accused that you are too obsessed with Fred/Lucas Cruikshank.

Submit symptoms in a reply.

I'm creating an on-forum Lucas Cruikshank club. Join for more Lucas love!

In order to join you must state this creed:

I, [insert name here] now declare myself a devoted Lucas Cruikshank fan and lover. I will dedicate my time to watching Fred videos and posting in this forum. I love Fred. Amen.



Join Today!

Please use your real name and if you would like a position or custom title, PM MJDance.

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